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We are back!!!!!

All our parks will be back in operation from 16 September 2021 and we welcome fully vaccinated visitors to our best forest adventure in Malaysia. 

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SKYTREX's Green Pledge
We will do our part for the Environment. We are working towards a more acceptable practices and conserving the forest we are in.  Join us in ensuring the forests are well preserveda nd do maintain the cleanliness at the parks. 

Team Building at Skytrex Adventure

Looking for something different for your team this year?

What is Skytrex Adventure ?


Skytrex Adventure provides the first of its kind in Malaysia, a tree to tree  ‘sky-trekking’ experience where you can fly, swing, glide and dangle on the various aerial obstacles suspended above the lush tropical Malaysian Rain Forest. Take up the challenge  and pump up the adrenaline on our many circuits at the various parks in which we are located and experience the best and most exciting forest adventure in Malaysia.





To see the public closer to their natural environment through fun and educative eco-recreational activities.




Becoming a leader in the creation and management of adventure parks in South East Asia and to provide forest activities that meet international safety standards and practices.



Skytrex is an outdoor recreational activity for all ages which guarantees hours of fun and excitement.



Skytrex is constructed and managed in accordance with international safety standards.


The COMBINATION of the four SKYTREX’s Elements makes SKYTREX activities to be highly innovative and exceptionally unique.



Skytrex provides an opportunity to learn about the rain forest and creates awareness on the fragile eco system.



Skytrex is constructed by giving great respect to the environment and provides a better management of forest for better conservation.

Introducing Screamzz by Skytrex

Come and get some exciting and cool merchandise from Skytrex at all our outlets in Sg Congkak, Melaka and Langkawi.  Exclusive t-shirts, colorful buttons, trendy wrist bands, collectible fridge magnets, designer key chains, wacky car mini suckers, sporty aluminum bottles, umbrellas and many more.


Screamzz for this new exciting merchandise line for you to take home today!



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Great merchandize to take home with you

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