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Frequently Asked Questions


Taking the leap of faith down the Golden Slide


Testing my balancing skills

1.What should I do on date of activity?

Arrive at the park at least half an hour prior to the scheduled time slot. Please ensure you have had breakfast or proper meal and do not come empty stomach. Register your team at the counter and fill up the Disclaimer Form. Follow the instructions from the Skyteam from thereon.



2.What shall I wear?

Comfortable casual or sportive attire. Sandals or slip-off shoes are not allowed. Shoes with ankle support are recommended. We kindly ask for those with long hair to tie their hair up. We also suggest that any body piercings be removed or properly taped over for safety. Any loose clothing, dangling items, jewellery, straps and all headgear (such as turbans, headscarves, caps, etc.) must be properly secured. Electronic items such as GoPros and cameras are allowed as long as such items are secured and are not a hindrance while undertaking the challenges. The taking of such items on the circuits remains the responsibility of the participants.

3.What happened if it rains?


The instructor will determine if the activity can continue if it starts to rain. An evacuation will take place if the weather condition becomes adverse. Please follow the instructions to ensure a smooth evacuation. The Park Manager has an absolute discretion on the resumption of the activity. In the event the activity cannot be resumed, a rescheduling voucher will be issued. No monetary refunds will be given.



4.Is there a height and weight restrictions?

The minimum height requirement is stated for every circuit for all our parks. Please observe these height requirements to ensure you are able to enjoy the activity.  There is a maximum weight restriction of 100 kilograms for all three levels.


5.What if I am afraid and cannot complete the course?

SKYTREX Adventure is all about testing your agility, challenging your fear and pushing yourself to the limit. All safety systems are in place to ensure your safety during the activity. However, if you need to withdraw from the activity, there are Ayam Exit and Chicken Exit at specific platforms only for you to get off the circuit.


6.What if I get stuck? 

Our trained instructor will come and assist you and if needed be, to bring you down in a manner as prescribed by our standard operating procedure.


7.Can an adult go on the kids’ circuit?

Adults, who are young at heart, can enjoy the Beginners level. You are never too old to enjoy SKYTREX Adventure.


8.Are children allowed to go on the circuits alone?


A child below the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.  SKYTREX shall require an adult to continuously supervise the child below the age of 12 years old.


9.Will an instructor follow me through the course? 

Our instructors are trained to monitor you from both the ground level and designated stations along the circuits. We do not want to get in your way while you are enjoying SKYTREX Adventure.


10.Do I need to be fit?

As this is an Extreme Sports, the activities provided have a certain degree of physical challenge that may require a small amount of agility, strength and stamina. Have a go at the Skytrex Initiation to determine if you could take the challenge of the actual circuit.


11.What if I have special medical conditions?

Participants who have medical and physiological limitations must first obtain approval from a doctor prior to participating in the activities. SKYTREX, however, reserves the absolute right to prevent the participation of clients who do not meet the basic health requirements.


12.Is it safe?

As with any outdoor activities, there is an element of risk involved. While all precautions have been taken and certification has been obtained, participants are required to abide to the Skytrex Terms and Conditions, as provided by SKYTREX from time to time, to ensure that safety is maintained at all times.


13.Do I have to book in advance?

Yes. We highly recommend that you book in advance as all time slots can be taken up rapidly at times. You must book online via Skytrex’s website and choose the available time slots you wish to participate in. You may still walk-in but we cannot guarantee that there will be time slots available.


14.What would be the best time to come?

It is advisable to come in the morning to avoid the rain in the evening. The forest is much cooler and the temperature is pleasant in the morning. Please be punctual as per your time slot. Starting late will affect the time slots of other groups after you.


15.What happened if I need to cancel my booking?

Please see our cancellation policy on Skytrex Cancellation Policy.


16.What happened if I am late for the time slots reserved for me? 

As we are serious on punctuality, we will only allow you to participate depending on the availability of other time slots.


17.Can you organise corporate function, private parties or team building?

We will be happy to assist you in putting up whatever events at our park, subject to feasibility of events and meeting your event’s requirements. Please get in touch with us and we would love to discuss your requirements further.



18.How many Skytrex parks are there in Malaysia?

Skytrex has a park in Sg Congkak, Langkawi and Melaka and few more openings in the coming years.

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