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The objective of this document is to provide the written rules and regulations for usage of the SKYTREX Programs to enable the Participants to enjoy the different rope challenge course in a totally safe and respectful manner.

The following words have the definition and meaning as assigned to them below unless the context otherwise requires:

“Park” shall mean the designated area at the respective venue where the SKYTREX Programs are carried out.

“Participants” are individuals and groups who wish to utilise the SKYTREX Programs and its facilities and have agreed to abide to the rules and regulations and undertake the responsibilities as provided herein.

“SKYTREX” shall mean SKYTREX Group of Companies which includes Skytrex Sdn. Bhd., Skytrex Langkawi Sdn. Bhd., Skytrex Selangor Sdn. Bhd. and Skytrex Melaka Sdn. Bhd and all their affiliated companies.

“SKYTREX Programs” shall mean all the high rope courses of varying difficulties and other related activities provided in the Park.

“SKYTREX Safety Briefing Pack” shall mean the written term and conditions and instructions on the usage of facilities, care and use of equipments, appropriate safety procedures, emergency response plan and other related documents provided to the Participants prior to the commencement of activities.

“SKYTREX Instructor” shall mean the individual appointed and authorised by SKYTREX to manage the activities and the park and provide the supervision as required within the power and responsibilities assigned to him.



The Facilities
The Park consist of several circuits of an array of high rope course of varying difficulties allowing you to move from tree to tree and discover the wonder of the Malaysian Rain Forest high up in its canopy.

Operating Hours
The Park shall operate at the times assigned to them respectively by the management for each respective venue and in general from 8.30hr to 1800hr.

Completion of Activities before dark
In order to ensure safety of activities in the park, the SKYTREX Instructor has the discretion to call off any activity if he reasonably believes that there is insufficient light to carry out the activity in a safe and secured manner. In order to enable all activities to be completed before dark, all commencement of rope course activities shall be carried out before 1500hr.

Limits of Liability
Although all reasonable care is taken to ensure that the activities provided are safe and in accordance with the international safety standard, SKYTREX takes no responsibility and liability for any direct or indirect injury, loss, damage and death of and to any person and property of the Participants and other clients arising from or in connection with the activities in the park.



Price and Payments

The tariff for usage of SKYTREX Programs is as stated on our website for each park.

The tariffs published on our website are correct at the time of publication and SKYTREX reserves the right to change the tariff without prior notice.

Payment shall be made in Ringgit Malaysia through the online purchasing  system at the SKYTREX’s website at least one day in advance of the activity.

Walk-in customer may participate subject to availability of slots. In such case, payment shall be made at the counter before commencement of the activity.

It is highly recommended that all tickets are purchased online before coming to the Park to guarantee participation of the activity.

Ticket Purchase Confirmation

Ticket Purchase confirmation will be provided via e-mail upon successful payment made on line. A group departs for the activities at every designated hour and the Participant is advised to respect the time allocated to commence his activities in order to avoid delay to other users or groups. SKYTREX reserves the right to reject any person or group missing the slots reserved due to late arrival and no refund or compensation will be made in such circumstances.

Any error in the booking confirmation shall be made known to SKYTREX immediately. No changes in the booking will be allowed without prior written consent from SKYTREX.

Cancellations​ Policy

Cancellation by Participants:

  • Less than one (1) week before activity day, NO refund and NO reschedule.

  • Less than three (3) weeks but more than one(1) week before activity day, NO refund but we can reschedule but subject to availability and can only be done once

  • More than three (3) weeks before activity day, 100% refund or we can reschedule but subject to availability and can be done only once.​

Cancellation by Skytrex:

  • In the event of rain, which resulted in the cancelling of activity, a reschedule voucher will be given at the venue for future reschedule.

  • All rescheduling can only be done ONCE. Please call 013 – 276 9841 within one month from the date of cancellation or date of activity, whichever is earlier.


SKYTREX reserves the right to cancel any booking without assigning any reason and in such event, SKYTREX will use all its reasonable endeavor to inform the Participant of such cancellation. The Participants shall be entitled to a full refund but no other compensation shall be payable for any losses, directly or indirectly incurred from such cancellation.

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that all activities run as scheduled, SKYTREX reserves the right to cancel the activities for reasons beyond the control of SKYTREX, which include but not limited to thunderstorm, lightning, high winds, extreme weather conditions or in the interest of safety. In such event, no refund, whether in part or in full, shall be made to the Participants. SKYTREX may, at its sole discretion, offer an alternative date or time to carry out the activities.


Health Requirement

The activities provided has a certain degree of physical challenge that may require a small amount of agility, strength and stamina. In order for the client of SKYTREX to enjoy the activities provided in the park, SKYTREX carries out a Screening Process, as defined below, to determine the ability of the client to participate in the activities.

Screening  Process
SKYTREX will solicit sufficient information to reasonably determine the client profile, health condition and level of resilient to suit the various level of difficulty of activities to enable the client to enjoy the activities securely and safely. Participants will be required to provide confidential medical information and to certify that they do not suffer from any medical condition which may result in injury during activities and shall sign the “Disclaimer Form” . Participants under the age of 18 shall obtain the parents or guardians signature on the same form.

Participants with Medical and Physiological Limitations
Participants who have medical and physiological limitations must first obtain approval from the doctor prior to participating in the activities. SKYTREX however reserve the absolute right to prevent participation of clients who do not meet the basic requirements for the activities.

Use of Drugs and Alcohol

SKYTREX prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol in the park and has the rights to refuse admittance to the activity and to remove participants from the activity if it is reasonably believed that the individual is under the influence of drug and/or alcohol.


All Participants shall be responsible to ensure that they are dressed appropriately to enable them to carry out activities in the Park safely. The clothing items shall be light and appropriate for the weather condition in tropical rain forest and of which the Participants are not afraid of getting damaged.

SKYTREX will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of clothing or other personal items of Participants resulting from participating in the activities or while being in the park.

The following attire shall be observed:

i.  No sandals or slip-off shoes. Ankle supporting shoes are recommended.

ii.  Long hair must be tied back

iii. Body piercing shall be removed or properly taped over for safety.

iv. Loose clothing, dangling items, jewellery, straps and all head outfit  (use for religious purposes) shall be properly and neatly kept.

Usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All Participants are required to wear PPE provided only by SKYTREX at all times during the conduct of activities and no other external PPE are allowed to be used in the park.

Type of PPE

The Participants will each be provided with the following PPE:

i.   Safety Harness ( 1 unit)

ii.  V Lanyard (1 unit)

iii.  Carabineers ( 2 units)

iv.  Pulley ( 1 unit)

Briefing and Demonstration of Use of PPE

All Participants will undergo a safety briefing and demonstration from a SKYTREX Instructor. No Participant will be allowed to continue with the activities until he can demonstrate his competency to the satisfaction of the SKYTREX Instructor.

Care of PPE

All Participants are required to take reasonable care to protect and prevent any damage on the PPE provided to them during the activities. SKYTREX holds the Participants fully responsible for any damage or destruction to the PPE during their usage and will hold them liable for any costs and expenses incurred to repair, replace or recover such damage or loss.

Strict Adherence to the Safety Working System

All Participants shall adhere strictly to the safety system to ensure that they can participate in the activities in a safe and secured environment.

A safety line is provided throughout the course of the challenge and acts as a guard for Participants to protect them from falling.

Participants shall ensure that at least ONE (1) carabineer is and remained attached to the safety line at ALL TIMES.

Only one person shall be permitted to be on the high rope challenge at a time, unless specifically instructed by SKYTREX Instructor.

Only a maximum of three (3) persons are allowed on the platform at a time unless specifically stated otherwise.

Participants are prohibited from jumping, running and putting unnecessary stress on the equipment while on the course.

Do not flip, swing or turn up-side-down on the cables or the zip line. The harnesses worn are designed to hold the weight of a person in an upright position.

Participants will be under minimum supervision by the SKYTREX Instructor once they have advanced into the park and as such is responsible for his/her own safety.


Although patrolling and sight supervision will be carried out regularly by SKYTREX personnel, Participants will not be continuously and directly supervised by any instructor. As such, all Participants shall be responsible for their own safety and the safety of the Participants under their supervision.

Participants below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. SKYTREX shall require an adult to continuously supervise children below the age of 12 years old.

Observance of Instructions and Site Specific Procedure
All Participants shall observe all instructions as provided by the SKYTREX Instructor during the briefing and throughout the activities and shall abide to all the instructions provided to them during the activity.

Rights to refuse admission and participation 
The Management of SKYTREX has the right to refuse admission and participation of any group or individual who fail to observe any of the instructions as provided in this rules and regulation or fail to meet the activity requirements.

General Behavior :   All Participants are required to act responsibly and courteously at all times and to respect other Participants.


SKYTREX acknowledges that even under the safest conditions of practice, there exist some degree of inherent risk and hazard in outdoor activities which are beyond the reasonable control of SKYTREX, its officers and employees. The Participants thereby agree to assume the risk in relation to the usage of SKYTREX Programs by signing the “Disclaimer Form” during the booking for activities.

SKYTREX is insured under Public Liability .

In order to ensure safety of Participants and other users of the park, SKYTREX adheres to the non-smoking policy for all Participants during the activities. SKYTREX supports the non-smoking policy for the following reasons:

i.   High respect towards the conservation of the Environment

ii.   Protection and preservation of Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest

iii.  Prevention of damage to the PPE

iv.  Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

v.  Consideration towards other users of the park

However, smoking areas are provided in designated area and those who wish to smoke are strongly advised to extinguish and dispose cigarette butts and matches in a provided ashtrays.


The non-Participants who are trekking through the park are required to observe all signage and notice boards on exclusion zones and out of bound areas to prevent collision or impact of falling objects to prevent injury. Non- Participants are advised to remain on the path way provided by SKYTREX for safety purposes and prevention of soil erosion.


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