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Skytrex Sg Congkak is located in a pristine forest with rapids and waterfall. It is our pledge to maintain the cleanliness of this forest. Here are some practices we hope you can comply:

  1. Single use plastics and straws are discouraged to be brought into the area. If you bring them to the park, please take them home with you when leaving the park. We do not provide them at our counter. 

  2. Use of Styrofoam is strictly prohibited at the park. Please bring re-usable food containers, cups and cutleries that you can take home and wash after use.

  3. We do sell mineral water at the park and we encourage our guests to reuse the plastic bottle.  Please take home the bottle for future use  or dispose at our recycling bin provided at the park.

  4. We do sell can drinks at the park and please dispose the cans at our recycling bin provided at the park.

  5. As we practise recycling at the park, please do help to follow the instructions provided at each recycling bin provided. We do not provide bins for food waste and wet rubbish. You will be required to take them back and dispose at your home. 

  6. There is a "no smoking" policy at our park but we do provide a designated smoking area near the car park, outside of our park.    


Thank you for supporting our Green Policy and we wish you a fantastic time at Skytrex Adventure, Sg Congkak.

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